Capt. Terrence L. Rice, USPHS (Ret.)


Terry Rice photographs spark the imagination!  This adventure traveler, along with his wife Dianne, has caputured the images of the people, creatures, and landscapes that make each destination unique.


Among the destinations traveled are South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, China, Mongolia, Nepal, Bhutan, Peru, Chili, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Austrialia, New Zealand, Turkey, Burma, The Baltics, Russia, Tibet, Ukraine, Vietnam and Thailand. 


Photographs have been taken of the amazing people and faces of Tibet, the exotic creatures of South Africa, the temples in Burma, and the amazing landscapes in Austrialia.  Having Traveled the continents of the World, Terry Rice would like you to experience his travels through the lens of his camera and this set of amazing photos.